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Boxicoin is a project that began at the end of 2017 as an indicator through mathematical algorithms, which will allow investors to create a portfolio of investments related to cryptocurrencies. The general approach focuses on determining the best crypts with the potential to increase their value over time and thereby increase the likelihood of investors to maintain a more stable investment portfolio with sustained growth over time.

Why Invest in BOXIcon Index

When you Invest in the BOXIcoin Index you are diversifying your investment into several crypto currencies, which means that:

  • Currently there are more than 2000 crypto currencies, and manually it is very difficult to determine which are the best investment opportunities.

  • Boxicoin is an intelligent index that selects for you, the cryptos with the best growth potential, this is done through a mathematical algorithm that allows predicting which will have an impact in the future

Which box will be the one with the PRIZE

How to Invest in the BOXIcon Index

It's very simple, Boxicoin Group has 2 concepts:

  • The Boxicoin Index called (Index PI)

  • And the Crypto (erc20token), called (BXC)


And the only thing you have to do is:

  • Buy BXC, (you need to have BXC to be able to buy the PI Index)

       You can buy them with:

When you have your BXC in your possession, proceed to pay the amount of BOXICOIN INDICES you want to buy:

  • Make the conversion of how many Indices you would receive and that's it!

  • Let your investment portfolio begin to generate, see the following example

Why, having indexes is better?

As you can see, the chances of investing and  and being successful in a Crypto (technology behind the crypto) are very limited, your options are:

  • If you invest in a Crypto your odds will be 1/2000 (with 2000 the number of cryptos in the market and that is increasing)

  • If you invest, in a very expensive Crypto your chances of diversification will be limited, unless you are a multi-millionaire, but even so, as a good billionaire you must optimize your risks.

  • If you invest in several your chances of having Crypto garbage will be very large. There are people who invest in several cryptos, by following people in youtube, where manyof them just talk about coins going to the moon. (Huge mistake)

Index based on an algorithm

In many cases mathematical algorithms have proven to be very accurate for the prediction of a result based on a series of factors such as the predictions of the World Cup of Soccer, Analysis of previous results to determine indicators used in the stock market transactions. and trading, as well as many more.
In the following example we have placed a graph, simulating the selection made by our algorithm, even though the initial investment was placed of 80usd for each Crypto (each bar is a crypto), we see how even when 4 cryptos fall, 1 remain in their price, and 5 have an exponential growth, the yield of the investment portfolio is 1,001usd higher than the original investment (in this model, it was developed based on conservative numbers, but we all know that as in the bitcoin its performance reached up to 1000x)

So far we are clear that mathematical algorithms will help us succeed in our investment portfolio

Variables to consider within our portfolio

Our algorithm consists of a basket of investment (investment portfolio) within 12 to 20 crypts, segmented into groups, within which each group represents a criterion, and each criterion represents a variable called factor x, which identifies the selection. Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the Cryptos that are considered to determine basis.
The others are called factor x.

Additionally, we have added our own token within the Private Index

This means that the acquisition of BXC tokens will directly affect the Index, which will give you an additional boost, since you will be part of the index.

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